PMK - Midi Organ Pedalboard

How and why?

PMK is a Midi Organ Pedalboard in DIY (Kit) form

PMK is a organ pedalboard produced in DIY form. From simple and rational design it allows quick assembly. The solid wood construction gives it the same properties found in the mechanical organ pedalboards. Its economy, combined with easy installation, makes the PMK ideal product for the use of students, amateurs and professionals who wanted a movable cheap pedalboard. No special expertise is needed to assemble PMK: You only need to have some screwdrivers. If you need a different pedalboard type, we can build it for you.
The standard characteristics are:

  • simple and affordable Midi design. You don't need complicated manuals for use. Firmware customizable upon request
  • solid wood construction. Beech and fir or pine wood are used. Other woods are available upon request
  • natural felts and double steel springs for reliable working
  • reed contacts with adjustable point of speech
  • Midi hardware customizable upon request
  • it's possible to have the pedalboard painted or unpainted, mounted or unmounted, assembled or unassembled

The electronic

The electronics are made with Arduino platform and the microcontroller firmware
is build individually for each pedalboard.
The unit is placed into a wooden small box with IDC connector for pedal reeds switchs, Midi Out plug and the power plug. It's possible to have a custom firmware on your pedalboard! The box below is custom made.